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Tiny spotlight


Helping the maker of popular grooming tools tell a story about the impact of its products.

Andis, a leading designer and manufacturer of electric clippers and other tools for pet groomers, professional barbers, and hair stylists, tapped Tiny Bully to concept and produce a short video as part of its Andis Creator Series.

The mission was to help the Andis team continue to highlight partnerships with creators that use Andis tools to help drive, inspire, and create “new opportunities for a more purposeful tomorrow.” 

The featured creator in this particular profile was a non-profit called Pawsperity, a Kansas City-based organization (formerly known as The Grooming Project) that harnesses the art of pet grooming to help break the cycle of poverty for struggling parents with nowhere to turn. 

The non-profit operates a grooming school that teaches its students, many of them rebounding from domestic violence, addiction, and other profound personal challenges, safe animal handling and bathing, as well as advanced grooming techniques and breed standards. It also provides job training and support in the form of life coaching, legal aid, mental health counseling, transportation, and even housing, funded by donations and grants.

Needless to say, this was a story worth telling.

So, our We Get Pet team traveled to Kansas City, along with our production partner, Storyfarm, an award-winning video production agency, for a 3-day production shoot to capture this incredible story. 

Here’s what we came up with:


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