We knew it the second the client approved the concept that this one could be award-worthy. And what would you know?

Courtesy of Storyfarm

Tiny Bully and Production Partner Storyfarm Earn”Best In Show” & MORE at the 2024 Baltimore American Advertising Federation Awards

Huge news out of Baltimore during the 50th Annual American Advertising Awards. The Feb. 29th event proved to be a big night for your favorite creative agency, taking home not only the “Best in Show” award, but also a pair of Gold Awards. Bling, bling.

First things first, shoutout to the leadership team at LDI medical for buying in to the idea and truly being a collaborative partner throughout the production process.

Second, massive props to our buddies at Storyfarm for making this recognition happen and for helping bring one of our big ideas to life.

The “Best in Show” accolade for “Online Film, Video & Sound Internet Commercial Campaign“recognized the “body bag” video campaign our team came up with on behalf of LDI. Check it out:

And as if the Best in Show award wasn’t enough, the same campaign also earned a Gold Award. But wait, there’s more…

The second Gold Award recognized our “You Told Us” video concept. Enjoy:

Thanks for indulging us. It isn’t every day an idea your agency comes up with earns an Addy Award…let alone a “Best in Show” honor. To learn more about the awards, check out this post from Storyfarm. To see what more award-winning ideas look like, check out some of our favorite work.