OK – it’s gut-check time. Are you confident your pet brand’s packaging design strategy is working hard for you on the shelf?

If you’re one of the “big three” in your category then you’re probably not all that concerned about it.

But, if you’re a challenger brand fighting for every inch of shelf space – ask yourself whether your brand’s packaging design is doing the work you need it to do.

Not sure where to begin? Here, we created this simple test to see if your brand’s packaging is spot on, or seriously in need of some TLC:

1. Does your brand have one dominating reason WHY TO BUY (WTB) this brand?YesNo
2. Does it say the WTB on this brand’s package?YesNo
3. Can you read the WTB standing in the aisle 3 feet away from this package?YesNo
4. Can you read the WTB standing in the aisle 7 feet away from this package?YesNo

If you answered No to Question 1 — we have some serious branding work to do.

If you answered Yes to Question 1but No to Question 2 — your product is likely drowning in a sea of sameness. It might be time for a major packaging design overhaul.

And lastly, if you answered Yes to Questions 1 & 2, but No to Questions 3 & 4 — good news, you may only need a simple packaging design refresh.

Want to talk about pet brand packaging design strategies?

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