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Case Study

World’s Best Cat LitteRTM


When World’s Best Cat Litter™ came to us to launch their 2019 GiveLitter™ campaign, for an annual philanthropic effort that donates cat litter to hardworking cat shelters — we knew we needed an idea that would attract attention and get people to give a crap about the brand.

Having helped launch GiveLitterTM in 2010, Tiny Bully has spent the last decade refining the campaign – each year coming up with new and disruptive ideas to drive awareness – and ultimately help shelter cats. The effort has proven so successful that to date World’s Best Cat Litter™ has donated over ¾ of a million pounds of litter to shelters all across the country.

But when it came to this years’ campaign — we knew we had to think outside of the box to deliver something truly game changing.

And this is how #GIVEACRAP was born.

From ideation to execution, Tiny Bully delivered with a comprehensive campaign built around disruptive and eye-catching creative and centered around an amplification strategy that leveraged not only celebrities and influencers, but also the collective sentiment of millions of cat lovers throughout the country.

World’s Best Cat LitterTM

Campaign Strategy/Plan
Identity Design & Messaging
Media & Audience Targeting
Social Advertising
Landing Page Design/Development
Influencer/Partner Management
Monitoring & Metrics

The Idea

The campaign — 1 MILLION REASON TO #GIVEACRAP — involved a 30-day effort that encouraged cat lovers to help us support shelter cats by sharing the hashtag #GIVEACRAP. For each time the hashtag was shared, World’s Best Cat Litter™ would donate litter to a shelter in their name — with the ultimate goal of donating up to ONE MILLION POUNDS.

Assets created for the campaign involved a supercharged social media and digital ad strategy on Facebook and Instagram that delivered over 1M IMPRESSIONS; a dedicated landing page with a downloadable custom photo frame that resulted in 750K IMPRESSIONS, 30K PAGE VISITS AND THOUSANDS OF DOWNLOADS, and CUSTOM VIDEOS and ANIMATION produced and edited in house using existing assets, stock imagery, music, voice over talent and more.

The amplification strategy

To amplify this effort – we helped World’s Best partner with 20 no-kill shelters – each of which promoted the #GIVEACRAP campaign monthly through their social channels, blogs and email newsletters. Tiny Bully also provided the marketing materials, and ideas for adoption kits that included information about our brand and the #GIVEACRAP campaign; these kits went home with every adopted cat during the month of June. Shelter partnerships resulted in 1.5M IMPRESSIONS and over 500,000 LIKES on social media.

When it came to raising the campaign to a whole new level of amplification, Tiny Bully enlisted the assistance of a relatable, cat-obsessed celebrity with major reach on social media. You may know her most as Pam from The Office, but Jenna Fischer showed her true colors as a cat lover by agreeing to share a post on her Instagram feed (she has over 2M followers), and allowing World’s Best to repost this across their three main platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.) The post ended up being her second most-engaged-with feed post at the time and resulted in 1.1M SOCIAL MEDIA IMPRESSIONS, PR reach of roughly 140 NEWS & MEDIA OUTLETS (online & print) and 15.1K hashtags shared.

But it didn’t stop there. We knew we were going to need even more star power.

Tiny Bully also enlisted the help of NALA CAT –– the most popular cat personality on the web — to drive awareness through 3 social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, along with 11 additional stories via Instagram. With Nala’s help, the campaign saw an additional 2M SOCIAL MEDIA IMPRESSIONS and 400K POST ENGAGEMENTS. We also leveraged the reach of 30+ mid-and-micro influencers to help deliver 48K SOCIAL MEDIA IMPRESSIONS.

And last but not least – we harnessed our existing partnership with pet lifestyle expert Kristen Levine to help us amplify our message to her massive audience with 2 daytime TV segments that resulted in 1.2M IMPRESSIONS.

The Results

After the 30-day campaign was over, World’s Best Cat LitterTM ended up donating over 350K LBS of litter – which was a 47% increase from the previous 9 years total. The campaign resulted in more than 15M IMPRESSIONS and 75K COMMENTS – metrics that prove the campaign was truly effective in encouraging cat lovers to give a crap about shelter cats.

The best part? The idea has taken on a life of its own and has proven itself to be an evergreen campaign that continues to drive awareness, brand recognition and most importantly, help shelter cats.