Last week our team hopped a plane to Orlando to attend the Global Pet Expo, go trendspotting and get an idea of where the industry is headed this year. We had a blast at the event, meeting exciting new brands and even better – seeing our clients put our latest collaborative projects on display.

Our on-the-ground team strolled the booths to take note of products, aesthetics and campaign tactics we anticipate will dominate the pet industry in 2020.


1. CBD Infusions

Don’t assume the CBD trend has already peaked in pet. Brands are finding new and creative ways to use cannabidiol by infusing it into their already-popular products, capitalizing on some of CBD’s more popular benefits (anti-inflammatory, calming, etc.) without getting into direct competition with established pet CBD suppliers.

2. Layered Watercolor Imagery for Packaging

This year, maximalism took a dainty step off the fashion runways and made its way to the pet store shelf sporting bold colors, layered brush strokes and painted gradients. Our takeaway from the numerous vibrant booths and whimsical packaging? We should get comfortable with the philosophy that more really is more.

3. Pet Food Toppers & Enhancers

First came grain-free, then issue-targeted formulas. Up next in the realm of pet food are a plethora of enhancers. Add a packet, topper or tube to your pet’s favorite kibble to provide dietary supplements, boost nutrition and add more flavor to an otherwise dry dish.

Pet parents are more willing than ever to go above and beyond to ensure their pets are feeling their best – regardless of age, breed or species. They’re looking for ways to enrich their pets’ lives with more involved, fun-to-use products.


As an agency, there are few things more satisfying than watching your work come to fruition. We’re lucky to partner with collaborative brands who trust us to flex our creative chops and deliver big ideas that differentiate and stick in consumers’ minds.

World’s Best Cat Litter™ Multiple Cat Lotus Blossom Scented

The newest formula from the #1 selling natural cat litter brand and our longtime partner, World’s Best Cat Litter™, finally made its debut at GPE. After months of collaboration on naming and branding this fresh scent, based on their top selling litter and created with natural botanicals, it was a thrill to finally see Multiple Cat Lotus Blossom Scented out in the wild.

Blue-9™ Inspire Training Treats for Dogs

Why do we give our dogs treats? To inspire and motivate them throughout the training process. Tiny Bully referred to this truth when building the name and branding for this new line of treats from Blue-9™. In addition to branding their treats, we also worked to brand the Inspire Training Treat Pouch and design optimized packaging to live on an in-store shelf peg.


As a brand with a diverse set of offerings, VitaKraft® needed a video that was visually striking enough to stop passers-by and quickly target each of their audiences in dog, cat, bird and small animal. Tiny Bully delivered with a color-blocked video that played across three screens to quickly deliver their promise of value.

Vetericyn® All-In™

Vetericyn® called our team in to help build messaging around a new line of supplements created to provide optimal nutrition for dogs in various life stages. Tiny Bully built a campaign that repositioned the competition and differentiated the product as the supplement designed to stay in your dog…not on your lawn.

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