3 Ways to Pivot Through the Pandemic

Your brand has been dramatically impacted by the ongoing pandemic. You’ve canceled trips for tradeshows, postponed projects and put the cork in that upcoming campaign launch. Your factory is at a standstill, or you’ve been deemed essential and are trying to cope with challenges. In some extreme cases – you’ve even been forced to lay off or furlough employees in order to make it through the hard times. And let’s be real. All of this skims the surface of how your business has been forced to change. All of it sucks.

While the momentum your brand may have been feeling has come to a crashing halt – now is most certainly not the time to quit. Sure – your products aren’t selling in brick and mortar stores because well, most of those stores are closed for the foreseeable future. And yeah, your effort to try and market your product may feel like yelling into a chasm because yup – everyone is yelling with you at the same time. There are undoubtedly new challenges facing every element of your brand’s operation.

But while it may not feel like it, these unique times we find ourselves in actually represent an incredible opportunity for your brand to pivot to a new approach and redefine what success means in the face of a global pandemic. Resilient leaders know now is the time to refocus efforts and embrace big ideas designed to realize short-term wins we need now with an eye toward long-term victories we want to see in the future.

The following are just a few recommendations on how to sure up your brand, pivot to a new model of success, and refocus yourself with tools and resources made to help you win.

Be Authentic with Consumers 

The marketing conversation is definitely changing. And now, more than ever, authenticity is crucial. So, what should you be saying to your tribe of loyal customers?  While it’s OK that your organization is focused on themselves (aka how you’re going to survive the next 60-90 days and beyond), remember that these internal stresses are not what should be communicated to your loyal fans and users. On the flip side, business as usual is tone-deaf and doesn’t address the elephant in the room.

Your brand needs to embrace the situation we’re all in as a way to start strengthening the relationship it has with consumers. You can do this by communicating to them in a way that matters — and that helps. Now is most certainly not the time to be exploitative or opportunistic. Remember, people are at the moment hypervigilant and are most certainly taking notice of how brands are trying to talk to them. Find the way that works for you and own it.


Needing a way to let the world know they were still in business, but also communicate their product is safe and can be trusted, we helped the team at The Maple Guild launched a simple website overlay with some well-crafted and authentic messaging.

Meet Them Where They Are 

Again, it’s not business as usual. People are purchasing products and services differently than ever before. Making matters even more challenging is that consumers are also making purchase decisions far more cautiously, and rightfully so. With brick and mortar shuttered and tight purse strings, consumers do not currently have the luxury to run to the store or go shopping. They are now forced to look elsewhere for the products they need and want.

Is your brand well-positioned to be found where your consumers are looking? Being available is a big differentiator at the moment — and it’s all the more reason why you need to embrace digital mediums and the new buying experiences they provide. Whether it’s digital ads, eCommerce plays or third-party party vendors – your brand needs to be where it can be found.

Here’s a great example from our friends at KOHA Pet:

When our friends at KOHA Pet realized they wouldn’t be able to rely on sales from their brick and mortar retail partners during the ongoing pandemic, they turned to Tiny Bully to build them digital ad executions designed to drive users to their website and purchase online.

Redistribute the Work (aka “Ask for Help”)

You’ve got a lot of projects and new ideas in the hopper and your team is already cranking on that current campaign. The ‘extra’ work has you stretched thin and stressed. It’s OK. Delegating some of your marketing activities to an agency partner and letting them shoulder the load is a smart and efficient way to pursue your goals and attack your new challenges.

Now more than ever is not the time to fight collaboration or delegation. And we’re not talking about monthly retainers or embedded partners. Instead, find yourself a partner who will get in trenches with you to develop the ideas that win. A partner who will be held accountable and will deliver results that are attributable and measurable.

If your brand is sitting idly by waiting for the world to go back to normal – you may find yourself waiting for a long time. Now is the time to position yourself for success in what we’re calling the “new normal.”

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