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Building a tribe on Facebook using a creative Like ad Campaign.

INQUE came to Tiny Bully in need of a social media strategy that would boost its brand’s following on social media and begin to build a tribe around its innovative tattoo ink technology.

As a relatively unknown startup, INQUE was attempting to build a following on Facebook around an organic social media strategy, however, that approach proved challenging given the growth limitations imposed by both platforms.

Frustrated with the slow pace of growth, INQUE turned to Tiny Bully to create a disruptive social media ad campaign that delivered immediate results.

Knowing time was of the essence; our tiny bullies went to work creating Facebook Like Ads that highlighted INQUE’S unique brand difference — a tattoo ink that could be turned off using an innovative laser technology.
Our team developed ads using content that repositioned the permanence of traditional tattoo and the regret some people have when getting inked, and coupled it with eye-catching creative that showed the true beauty of tattoo. The result was impactful ad executions that did exactly what INQUE needed — encouraged people to follow and like its profile.

When the ink had finally dried, INQUE went from having 2,847 page likes via a strictly organic campaign to over 25,000 page likes using our custom-created ad campaign. That represents a 778% growth rate in a matter of only a month.

This resulted in a happy client with thousands of new followers and zero regrets.


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