As brands look to retrench and find a way forward during a worldwide pandemic, winning brands are standing out by becoming more human, more generous and more self-aware about the mental state of consumers. In short … strong brands are stepping up in a big way to show their mettle and ensure their audiences understand who had their back when it comes time to choose a brand. 

DISCLAIMER: If your brand is looking to triage sales and realize a short-term transactional win – this is not the blog post for you. If your brand is looking to help people, make a difference and become beloved, take a look at what the following brands are DOING – not just saying – in response to the global pandemic.


Keeping Kids Learning   

Scholastic is stepping up to the plate by supporting teachers, children, and families affected by nationwide school closures with a FREE DIGITAL LEARNING HUB designed specifically for virtual learning. Kids of all ages can get access to three hours of learning opportunities per day, teachers can plan virtual meetups to discuss or expand upon the curriculum, and parents can rest easy knowing their children keep learning.

Don’t Worry, We’ll March Again

This Saint Patrick’s Day, instead of pumping out pints to would-be bar-goers across the globe, Guinness is cheers’ing to all of this eventually coming to an end with a positive ad campaign designed to lift people’s spirits. The 90-second ad encourages people to be thankful and supportive, and most importantly, be good to one another. The major alcohol brand also committed to a $500,000 donation through its own charity to help communities affected by the pandemic.

Google Giving Out Good Information

The Googs is the place to go right now for those worried about the global pandemic. Unfortunately – as we all know – the information that comes out of a quick Google search may not always be the best or most accurate or most authoritative. The billion-dollar tech company is solving for this by plastering special messaging from the World Health Organization on its homepage to help people get the best information possible.  Even better, Google is giving out free access to video conferencing service – helping schools and businesses stay connected in these trying times.

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