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Growing a fertilizer brand from the ground up.

BayCorp Holdings came to us with an amazing new product that would turn food waste into the best fertilizer. They had the dirt, but needed the strategy, positioning and launch campaign to grow a brand that would stand out from industry giants. And it needed a name and identity that would scream its difference.

Tiny Bully was embedded into the team to lead strategic efforts to identify the right audience, positioning, identity and launch plan to drive sales before a fast-approaching spring growing season. Our team dug in and researched the category to identify millennials as the fastest growing audience in the growing space.

Our brand strategy and creative team combined to develop a standout brand that would reposition giant chemical fertilizers promising “miracles.” And we didn’t shy away from its differentiator in owning that the product is made up of food scraps.

We positioned the brand around its purpose of reducing waste by turning old food into new food. We named it TrashCan™. We built all of the physical and digital assets that ensured it grew like a weed. And we engaged with green-thumbed influencers that helped plant it in the consumer’s minds.

TrashCan™ won “Best New Product” at the nation’s largest independent garden show. It grew a loyal following. It sold out on Amazon during its first season on the market.

Dirt can be made cool. TrashCan™ show how Tiny Bully makes your brand stand out.


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