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LAUNCHING A dog supplement with a healthy dose of disruption.

Vetericyn is a leader in leveraging ground-breaking science to deliver safer and more effective products for pet lovers. Tiny Bully had long been working with the brand on its line of wound care and shampoo products, when the brand decided to tap our team for its toughest challenge yet—entry into the hyper-competitive pet nutrition space.

The brand had spent more than a year working with one of the world’s leading medical microbiologists on a life-stage specific dog supplement that would do something most don’t—actually get retained by the pet. This new product had a big promise, but needed the naming, messaging, identity and campaign that would help it stand out from thousands of pet supplements.

Our brand experts were embedded into the Vetericyn team and worked side-by-side with the marketing team and scientists working to launch the product. We spent time distilling information and focusing its positioning around the supplement’s unique ability to be absorbed. The team knew it would be key to translate complicated science into a universally understandable difference—its ability to stay in a dog and not end up on the consumer’s lawn.

Tiny Bully named the product “All In” and developed a disruptive story that would explain—in normal pet owner terms—why the product was worth switching to. We led identity/packaging design and built the key messaging before ultimately delivering an ad campaign that would break through with consumers.


Product Positioning
Ad Campaign Concepts