What do you get when you blend your brand with a billion-dollar box office hit like BARBIE??   


Here’s how we did it with our buddies at Blue-9 Pet Products — an established brand with a sizable social following in the dog training industry.

First of all, we’re lucky to work with a brand that isn’t afraid to break the social media mold now and again.

As a longtime brand partner with our We Get Pet division, we’ve been fortunate enough to establish an open line of communication with the Blue-9 team, one that allows for quick collaboration and for fun ideas to flourish.

Simply put, we get sh*t done together.

So, with the much-anticipated Barbie movie coming out in July 2023, we jumped at the chance to create a series of social media posts that tied Blue-9 pet training products into the ongoing Barbiecore craze.

But…because we didn’t want to be late to the party, we had to act fast.

Working with the Blue-9 team to source both product videos and photos, our team got to work creating assets featuring adorable dogs using a bright PINK version of Blue-9’s best-selling product — the KLIMB Dog Training Platform.

And of course, we also created an image of a pup playing with pink frisbees, and wearing a pink Balance Harness, of course.

And in true Barbie fashion…everything turned out fantastic.

On Facebook, the gallery of photos really popped. 

The Engagement rate was 4.5X the July benchmark, 27X the average Impressions, and 2.5X the average comment benchmark in July. 

On Instagram, where video is big, we stitched together various creative to make a Reel and optimized it by using trending audio.

The engagement rate was 2.5X the July benchmark, 6X the average Impressions, and 2X the average comment benchmark in July.

Organically, both posts performed well — the Facebook post was the third most popular post out of roughly 160 posts for 2023.

So, we decided to put some boost spend behind the posts to capitalize on the organic popularity.

Overall, this post on Facebook doubled the results of an average boosted post performance and had ​​481 Post Link Clicks on Facebook alone, 26,353 combined impressions, and a combined reach of 15,579.

In short, working fast and in conjunction with our client helped us jump on this trend just in time. We didn’t just ride the trend; we caught it and made it our own, sparking some serious growth and engagement with our online tribe.

It’s a lesson in staying open to new trends, listening, and learning, all while keeping our awesome community front and center in our digital strategies.

Here’s to more exciting trends and triumphs in the ever-evolving world of social media!

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