The effort to vaccinate the U.S. population is shaping up to be the greatest influencer marketing campaign in history.

Everywhere you look it seems someone or something is telling you to get your shot. This is by design. It’s a really good thing.

And while there are undoubtedly many public awareness campaigns taking place in the U.S. — some by healthcare organizations as well as other special interest groups — the federal government appears to be leading the charge.


The We Can Do This COVID-19 public education campaign – an effort being run by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services — is a massive multi-pronged marketing campaign filled with all the same marketing assets you would expect out of any big brand launching a campaign.

There’s video, blog posts, social media posts, animations, digital and print ads, audio ads including streaming and radio, FAQs…and an incredibly robust Resources & Toolkits page filled with great information.

Another critical element of the campaign is a reliance on influencers to help spread a positive message.

Says the HHS:

“Through a nationwide network of trusted messengers and consistent, fact-based public health messaging, the campaign helps the public make informed decisions about their health and COVID-19, including steps to protect themselves and their communities.”

This influence — whether from a TV talk show host or the starting point guard of the Golden State Warriors — could prove to be critical to the success of the vaccination effort, especially as hesitancy increases among the younger population.


With young people leading an uptick in cases due to reported hesitancy and lack of information, the government appears to be ramping up its influencers campaign with celebrities, musicians, sports stars, and more.

This latest iteration of the “We Can Do This” will reportedly target young people through social media and will include virtual events where celebrities and professional athletes answer Americans’ lingering questions about the vaccines.

Some of the “big names” expected to take part include Eva Longoria, Mark Cuban, Kelly Ripa, Ryan Seacrest, well as people from NASCAR, the NBA and WNBA, and more.

The goal is to reach young people, “directly in the places where they already consume content online, including social media, podcasts, YouTube, and more,” according to the HHS press release.

“As part of the Biden-Harris Administration’s “We Can Do This” public education campaign to increase confidence in the COVID-19 vaccines and encourage vaccination, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is launching a new initiative today to connect Americans with facts and information on vaccines from doctors, scientists, and health professionals through high-impact digital platforms.”

And this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of support from influencers.

Celebrities and influencers not associated with the government campaign appear to be taking it upon themselves to spread positive vibes around the vaccine on social media.

Everyone from John Legend to Britney Spears to Jimmy Kimmel and Hugh Jackman is attempting to spread the word via their own personal social media handles.

Brands are also stepping up in the fight.

Brands COOKING UP Confidence and Boost Access

Not only are Uber and Lyft stepping up on behalf of the government campaign to offer free rides to anyone going to a vaccination site to get vaccinated, but the U.S.-led campaign also recently got support from the Golden Arches.

The newly announced partnership has McDonald’s spreading important messaging on its billboards, ads and even going as far to redesign packaging to incorporate the We Can Do This messaging.

“This is a team effort — it takes all of us,” says Genna Gent, McDonald’s USA vice president for global public policy and government relations, in its announcement. “McDonald’s is excited to be doing our part for the people we serve, providing them with simple information that can help keep them safe.”

Even lesser-known brands, such as this small brewery in upstate New York, are stepping up to the plate and offering FREE BEER for those who get a shot.

So, will this influencer campaign be a success and help the U.S. get closer to normalcy? Only time will tell. But it’s worth a shot.

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