When you work with pet brands like we do, you tend to always keep your eye out for great pet-related content. We’re talking dynamic dog personalities, creative cat characters and even the occasional rare rodent or popular pig.

But living in the pet influencer space can be a blessing and a curse. It has truly become a zoo.

According to the latest survey (2022), around 35% of cat and dog owners around the world had set up social media accounts for their pets. And the actual number is likely much higher.

Disclaimer: The author of this post may or may not have started an Instagram profile for his cat, McLovin — may he rest in peace.

But seriously, between Instagram, TikTok, Threads, or even Facebook, there’s no shortage of pet influencers out there.

So, for this list we chose to forego the usual suspects — you know, the Doug the Pugs of the world — and focused on a few niche pet influencers who are standing out in the pet space at the moment.

Buddy the Bird

This Canadien Cockatiel is a rescue bird with quite the following. With roughly 78K followers on Instagram, 34.7K subscribers on YouTube, and a growing presence on TikTok, this bird business is booming. Oh, did we mention Buddy has merch?

Miss Peaches

Hate him or love him, the founder of Barstool Sports clearly has an affinity for rescue pups. Judging from the lavish digs and frequent jet setting, it’s clear Miss Peaches is in great hands. Adopted in February 2024, the rising rescue already has 1.3M followers on Instagram, 807K followers on TikTok, and a Georgia peach product line where 100% of the net proceeds go to dogs in need.

@famousmisspeaches Just a lazy Wednesday morning. All rescue dogs should have their own beach one day. #misspeaches ♬ original sound – Miss Peaches

Brodie that Dood

Look at this dude. Seriously. Multiple appearances court side at the Lakers game and at the Stanley Cup finals has this gigantic Goldendoodle blowing up. On Instagram, Brodie has 1.2M followers, while over on YouTube the big dog has 5.2M subscribers, and 6.7M followers on TikTok.


A+ for adorable. This two-year old lab may be small, but he’s growing at a rapid rate — both in size and social media following. On TikTok, @tuesdaywmorrie has amassed 191K followers, while over on Instagram he has 25.8K followers. Morrie’s mom made waves recently when she shared just how much $ she makes off his pet celebrity.

@tuesdayswmorrie The eyes 🫶🥹 #dogs #foryou #fyp #dogsoftiktok #labsoftiktok #relatable #viral ♬ Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) – Ultimate Mix – John Lennon

Panko & Pringle

Yes, these two guinea pigs have more followers than you do. With an impressive 12.5K followers on Instagram, this duo from South London also has its own online store filled with fleece bedding products for small pets, and they even appear to have a partnership with Buttercup Pet Products.


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