Much like the red carpet at a movie premiere — the New Product Showcase is indeed the place to stand out when it comes to Global Pet Expo.

Situated between the entrance and the pavilion space, the Showcase serves as the unofficial gateway to GPE — featuring all the latest and greatest products and point-of-purchase display in the pet world.

Simply put…if you want to get into GPE, you need to walk through the New Product Showcase.

Organizers estimate “93% of attendees convene in this space to source the latest products for their customers” and multiple brand leaders have suggested that a good showing in the New Product Showcase can translate to a really great day at GPE.

So it’s clear — the New Product Showcase can indeed set the tone for your entire experience in Orlando.

But let’s be real…it’s no cake walk.

The New Product Showcase is essentially a war zone overflowing with brands and products and logos and everyone competing for the same thing. Attention.

It’s a 45,000 square-foot battleground, conveniently located not far from the food court, mind you.

But it’s also an incredible opportunity, that when done correctly, can have a big impact on your brand’s year.

And because our We Get Pet team has helped its fair share of brands strategize for the New Product Showcase, we wanted to share a few tips on how to standout at Global Pet Expo:


First things first.

If you’re a pet brand with a “new” product or new variation of an existing product to show off and have not registered for the New Product Showcase — it’s not too late. SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN UNTIL MARCH 4.

Now, it won’t come cheap. The price to enter into the New Product Showcase includes not only the registration fee from GPE, but there’s additional costs for Point of Purchase Display entries, and let’s not forget about the cost of designing and printing your visual support assets. It all depends on just how big you want to go.

And of course you’ll need to justify the expense. So how’s this?


Signing up and showing up with your product(s) is one thing. But it’s not the only thing.

Showing off that same product with some eye catching visuals and messaging, not to mention creative support material, can really separate your brand from the flock.

We highly recommend a brainstorm session that allows you and your team to come up with creative ideas or themes that can drive the design of your area — which is essentially just a tabletop.

While space is limited, you’ll want to consider a theme that separates you from not only your competitors, but also the bevy of other pet brands situated around you.

Seriously, if you’ve ever been to one of these, it can get very snug.

A few ways to stand out include; backdrop signage, apron signage, and of course a creative way to show off your product, as well as explain why it’s special.


You know what buyers love? Brands that work hard.

A GPE strategy that positions your brand as one willing to go the extra mile can be mighty attractive to a buyer looking to build new relationships.

So instead of simply “being” at GPE, why not find a way to activate your brand around an experience or strategy that ensures passersby at the show want to visit your booth. The New Product Showcase is exactly the place to do this.

Whether it’s free swag or a giveaway, or maybe something completely out of left field like a ridiculous Point-of-Purchase display that barks at you every time you get close…use the New Product Showcase as the place you activate your brand to draw potential buyers in.


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