By now, you’ve definitely heard all the happenings at Twitter.

If not, here’s a quick recap:

Billionaire businessman Elon Musk is now the new owner of the popular social media platform (he paid $44 Billion) and has subsequently begun reshaping it in his vision — this includes mass layoffs and some rather unpopular attempts at generating revenue.

So yeah, the Twitter you used to know is likely no longer. 

And if you’re a marketing steward charged with ensuring your brand has a presence on social media, then you’ve likely thought about what all this means for you. You’ve likely asked yourself some of the following questions:

Should I still be on Twitter? Should I spend $8 per month to get the brand verified? Will it become a wasteland for my brand’s content?

Don’t worry — we’ve got some thoughts.

Should you still be on Twitter?

The short answer is YES. The long answer is…MAYBE NOT.

Twitter isn’t necessarily a revenue-driving platform, but it’s excellent for brand awareness. It’s memes, it’s participating in trends, and it’s good for listening in on how consumers like your product. 

In that same vein, it also acts as a form of Customer Service — something that your consumers can turn to for an issue that they might be having with your product or service.

However, the fact that it isn’t revenue-driving is the biggest con — especially if future plans are to allow users to pay to see fewer ads.

Ask yourself — Is it worth putting so much effort into a platform that doesn’t drive nearly as much revenue as Facebook or Instagram?

That, unfortunately, depends on what you’re selling and what your brand voice is.

Challenger brands often must invest much time and money in building a tribe on Twitter, while more established brands reap the benefits of millions of followers. 

We’re still on Twitter 🙂

If your brand is already well established, then maybe stick around. If you’re just getting into the game, perhaps put your efforts elsewhere for now.

Should you spend $8 per month to get your brand verified?

Keeping your brand relevant in the Musk era may cost you some money. 

Musk’s idea to make revamp his Twitter Blue subscription service, where any user (or Brand, presumably) can pay $8 per month to get (or remain) verified, has seen quite a rocky rollout.

The idea has since been put on hold until all the kinks can be worked out, but it will ultimately launch again soon — begging the question:

Should I pay to be my brand verified?

Sit tight. 

While the $7.99-per-month Twitter Blue subscription plan doesn’t seem steep, ask yourself if it’s really worth it right now. Additionally, who knows what tricks Musk has up his sleeve to make more money off advertisers and brands looking to connect with would-be customers.

The pay-to-play method worked out well for the folks at Facebook and Twitter, so who knows what may happen with Musk. 

While the future of Twitter is uncertain, thus is the life of a digital marketer.

Social media marketing itself is meant to be a fast-paced place where it’s crucial to explore new territory and adapt. 

Hang on tight — 2023 is fast approaching and who knows what’s in store for social media?