Bad news. That big idea you think you have.
it’s not big enough.

In the branding world, big ideas happen all the time. Every day it seems a new idea surfaces that gets people going. Some of them are well thought out. Others? Not so much. The truth is — in this highly competitive thing we do called “marketing” there are oftentimes way more half-baked ideas floating around than fully-baked ones. Simply put – there’s a lot of sh*t.

But there’s also a lot of great work happening too. Brands big and small are pushing the boundaries and stepping outside of their comfort zones to win with big ideas. Some of these ideas are disruptive. Some are philanthropic. Some are just plain hilarious.

So, what’s the big idea? and IS IT BIG ENOUGH?

Yes? No? Maybe? Unless you can confidently say that your big idea extends to almost every area of your marketing – then chances are good that your awesome idea needs more work. But that’s OK. Most do.

If you’re unsure whether your big idea meets the sniff test,
consider the following:


Taking risks as a brand can be terrifying. Not only is the fear of failure paralyzing, but so is the fear of embarrassment, and let’s be real – losing your job over a bad idea is never fun. But, being uncomfortable is a good thing in situations like this. After all, the definition of disrupting isn’t “ to play it safe.”

Your Brand's Big Idea Should Make You Uncomfortable

Being unexcited about a project just plain sinks. The hair on the back of your neck should stand up every time you talk about it. Brands win when they embrace risk and step outside of their comfort zone.

Remember, your big idea is the “thing” that will ultimately drive your brand toward success. Make sure it excites you.


Once you have your “thing,” the next most important element of bringing your big idea to life is making sure everything is connected. What does that mean exactly? It means – answering questions like this:

  • Does my big idea scale to all elements of my marketing plan? Website, social, email, digital ads, etc.
  • Does my big idea impact sales? If so, how do I support that?
  • How is my big idea communicated to consumers? What’s in it for them?
  • Do I have an amplification strategy? Influencers anyone?

This is often times where the big dog ideas begin to separate themselves from the pack. Why? Because they are cohesive. They are purpose-built. Plain and simple – they are well thought out and are aligned with whatever other priorities your brand may be focused on.


There’s nothing worse than talking a big game and not being able to back it up. The big brands have the big budgets to cover everything they need. Challenger brands must get creative. So, does your big idea have the backing it needs to succeed? Today, brands that win with big ideas have the following things in common:

  • Kickass Creative – You’ll need a team of designers that know how to kick ass and take names.
  • Quality Content – Just like design, you’ll need some good content coming from some place that also knows how to make some noise.
  • Digital Magic – Whether it’s ads, email, social media or a website – you need to make sure you’re out there for all the world to see.
  • A Budget – Nothing is free. We all know this. You’ll want to dedicate some part of your marketing spend on $ for ads, or some help from an agency that gets you there.


Ideas can seem so diminutive. BIG CAMPAIGNABLE IDEAS ARE BADASS AND MAKE NOISE! So, stop thinking about it just as an idea and begin to think of your idea as the starting point for a pretty freaking awesome road trip your brand is about to go on. Shotgun! All you have to do before you get going is get your roadmap ready.

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